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Hachette UK Distribution – Important changes to how we do business together

As I’m sure you are aware Hachette UK is building a new, world-class distribution centre in Didcot near our existing Bookpoint warehouse. The distribution centre will be operated by our new trading entity “Hachette UK Distribution”.

In mid 2018, the first publishing division, Octopus Publishing Group, will move to the new distribution centre. This will be followed by the phased transition of the other publishing divisions currently distributed by LBS and then publishers distributed by Bookpoint will begin to move to the new site in 2019.

We’re committed to making all changes as smooth as possible and with the minimum of disruption. Comprehensive guidance and support will be available to customers throughout the process. This letter explains all the information you will require to start trading with Hachette UK Distribution after the first publisher migration, this includes:

  • Where we will distribute to you from
  • The bank account you pay into
  • Your account number
  • Your invoices from us
  • Your delivery
  • Where to send your returns
  • Hachette UK Distribution Terms & Conditions
  • How to get more information and support


Ordering from Hachette UK Distribution

Because Hachette UK Distribution will be our new trading entity, you will need to set up “Hachette UK Distribution” as a new vendor in your systems. Please see below the relevant information.


Company Information

Trading Name: Hachette UK Distribution Limited

Distribution Centre Address: Hachette UK Distribution Centre, Milton Road, DIDCOT, OX11 7HH

Company Incorporation Number – No. is 03541391

Vat Registration Number – GB 205 5053 05

EDI GLN – 5030670176090

EDI SAN – 0176095

Bank Accounts


Account Name Account Currency Account Number Sort Code BIC IBAN
Hachette UK Distribution GBP 23416429 20-67-59 BARCGB22 GB44BARC20675923416429
Hachette UK Distribution USD 56261100 20-67-59 BARCGB22 GB34BARC20675956261100
Hachette UK Distribution AUD 65533822 20-67-59 BARCGB22 GB39BARC20675965533822
Hachette UK Distribution EUR 69170188 20-67-59 BARCGB22 GB05BARC20675969170188



You will receive new account numbers

Before the first publisher migrates you will receive new account numbers to use with Hachette UK Distribution. Your new account numbers will be visible on all order acknowledgments, invoices, delivery notes and statements that are issued by Hachette UK Distribution.


Electronic Documentation

Invoices and order acknowledgements from the new Hachette UK Distribution Centre will be sent to Customers via email. We will send both document types to the email address we currently hold for invoicing. We do have the capability to hold separate email addresses for both Invoices and Order Acknowledgements. If you would like to add further email addresses to your account, please contact Customer Services on HUKDcustomerservices@hachette.co.uk

If you would like to receive copies of your invoices by post, we can also arrange this.

The despatch cartons will contain a paper contents list, and export orders will have relevant export documentation on the outside of the carton, where required.

Please note that all payments for LBS, Bookpoint and Hachette UK Distribution should be made to the bank account(s) referenced on the original invoice. Please note for Hachette UK, BACS payments will be cleared approximately 5 days faster than cheques. So BACS is the preferred payment route, if you are want your payments to be reflected on our systems as soon as possible.


Your deliveries

We will continue to use the same carriers as LBS does today and we expect to maintain the delivery schedules that are currently in place for our existing customers.


Returns Authorisation Requests

Once each publisher has moved to the new distribution centre, all new returns authorisation requests relating to that publisher should be made to the new distribution centre but existing returns authorisation requests will be dealt with by LBS up to 3 months after the move.

Batch.co.uk will be automatically set up to route requests to the correct Distribution Centre.


Electronic Orders

Teleordering and Pubeasy will automatically reroute orders to Hachette UK Distribution.

If you have an EDI trading relationship with us via GXS, you will need to setup a link to the Hachette UK Distribution EDI Mailbox, GLN is 5030670176090 and SAN is 0176095. Please contact our change manager, Richard Bevan at richard.bevan@hachette.co.uk , if you need any assistance with this.


Back orders

When a publisher moves, all unfulfilled dues will automatically migrate across from our existing systems. If you do not wish this to happen, please email HUKDcustomerservices@hachette.co.uk


Print on Demand

Print on demand invoices will also be sent electronically at the point that we have confirmation that the print on demand products have been shipped.


Hachette UK Distribution’s Terms and Conditions

Hachette UK Distributions Terms & Conditions are attached and also available on the Hachette Distribution Websites.


Information and support

We will continue to be in touch throughout the duration of this project

If you have a question or would like to have an appointment with us at the London Book Fair, please get in touch with us at Projecteden@hachette.co.uk

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing to do business together.